The purpose of this website is to make key documents and information available to creditors and employees involved in the various insolvency cases listed on the site and to provide answers to frequently asked questions. 

The content of the site has been prepared by the insolvency office holders involved in each of the cases listed.  The office holders must comply with the requirements of insolvency legislation under which certain documents must be provided to creditors or shareholders, and/or placed on file at Companies House.

It is the office-holders’ intention to provide all statutory information to creditors by the use of this website, in accordance with the Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016.  In accordance with the legislation all known creditors of a case will be informed when a document relating to that case is uploaded. The information provided for each case will include all required statutory information and may include further information of use to creditors or other stakeholders.

The information included on this site is intended only for the use of the creditors and employees of each of the insolvency cases listed.  It is not suitable to be relied upon by any other person, or for any other purpose, or in any other context.  In particular it is not suitable to be used to inform any investment decision in relation to the debt of or any financial interest in the insolvent individual or company.  Any estimated outcomes included on the site are intended to be illustrative only and cannot be relied upon as guidance as to the actual outcomes for creditors.  Any person that chooses to rely on the information included on this website does so at his or her own risk.

Please note that each appointment is personal to the office holder – Interpath Ltd does not assume any responsibility and will not accept any liability to any person in respect of the content of this site.

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