On 4 May 2021 KPMG LLP sold its UK Restructuring business to Interpath Ltd (trading as Interpath Advisory), a newly-formed company which is backed by H.I.G. Europe, the European affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, LLC. The office holders mentioned below have transferred from KPMG to Interpath Advisory and remain in office. Further details of the sale are available on the KPMG website here.

Phoenix Tertium Limited – in Administration

Geoff Jacobs and Blair Nimmo were appointed Joint Administrators of Phoenix Tertium Limited – in Administration (the ‘Company’) on 6 February 2019.

Statutory notices and reports

Form 2.11B (Scot) 
Notice of appointment 
Creditors' Notification of Appointment 
Joint Administrators’ Proposals 
Letter to creditors re Proposals 
Notice of meeting 
Proxy form 
Notice of result of meeting 
Report to unsecured creditors 
Creditor's request for a physical meeting 
Letter to unsecured creditors 
Notice of Extension 
1st Progress Report 
Letter to creditors re First Progress Report 
Report to unsecured creditors for accouting period 06.08.19 to 05.02.20 
Notice of seeking a decision by correspondence 
Letter to unsecured creditors re. report 
Letter to creditor re. Second Progress Report 
2nd Progress Report 
Letter to unsecured creditors regarding update report 
Notice of seeking a decision by correspondence - August 2020 
Report to unsecured creditors - August 2020 
Letter to creditors re. Third Progress Report 
3rd Progress Report 
Final fee report to unsecured creditors 
Notice of seeking a decision by correspondence 04.12.20 
Letter to creditors re interim report 
Final Progress Report 
Form AM22 (Scot) Notice of move from administration to CVL 
SIP9 and time costs for the period 28.11.20 to 19.01.21 

Geoffrey Isaac Jacobs and Blair Carnegie Nimmo are authorised to act as insolvency practitioners by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland.

We are bound by the Insolvency Code of Ethics.

The Officeholders may be Data Controllers of personal data as defined by the Data Protection Act 2018. Personal data will be kept secure and processed only for matters relating to the appointment. For further information, please see our Privacy Policy.